Luna Lamp Dimmable & Wireless

$99 $150

Meet Our Luna Lamp!

Carved from a spinning block of metal, this waterproof cordless table lamp is pure in form and reassuringly firm in texture, which is embedded with a touch sensor to compliment a variety of occasions.

Metallic Table Lamp

The lamp has an elegant metallic formcomposed of acircularshade and base, connected at thecenter by arod. It was thought of as a table lamp in the center of a crowd to make the night a special time.

Soft Light
Inspirated from natural light and the soft, familiar lines of classic lanterns, this lamp stands sharp eitting gentle light from beneath its top to fill the darkenss with a warm radiance that enhances the night.

Touch the top of the shade to control the light. Dimming is possible in four stages: a faint light like a candle, a light to enjoy a meal, a light to illuminate a table, and a light to add depth and brightness to a room.


With IP66 water resistance, the cordless lamp is portable and can be placed in the bathroom andeven outdoors. The lower part of the grip is surface-treated to prevent slipping when you hold it in your hand.

Molded with 3 types of machined metal to enjoy the tactile sensation in the dark. The heavy brasslike a paperweight and the aluminum that seems to have disappeared with matte black are light.

Rechargeable Table Lamp
This table lamp can be continuously lit for up to8h(High)-150h(Low) depending on the mode. Just connect it to our special charger to charge it, and it can light up while charging.


  • Input voltage: 4.2v
  • Light source: SMD
  • Power: 5.5w
  • Battery capacity: 2800mah
  • Charging time: 2-3h
  • Use time: Highlight: 8h(High)-150h(Low)
  • Color temperature: 3000k—6000k
  • Material: all aluminum
  • Appearance color: gold/silver/light gray/black/white
  • Protection level: Waterproof
  • Lamp size: 27.5*13


Our vs others

Better quality brings you better products

54 high-quality led beads | 40 ordinary led beads

Type C (EU compliant) | DC (non EU compliant)

Silicone anti slip pad | cotton anti slip pad

Charging indicator | no charging indicator




Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Brock McCullough

Looks just like the photos! Great lights for around the house, i will order three more

Antonio Price

Exactly as described. Works well, really good quality material.

Whitney Kihn

The lamp is beautiful and looks expensive. Not too heavy. Was packed securely in a box with foam rubber. The touch sensors work well. The battery charge lasts for around 3-4 hours. It has non slip sticker but can be tipped over relatively easily, e.g by a cat or a child. It’s comfortable to have it on the desk as it doesn’t dazzle the eyes.

Lowell Reynolds

Awesome Cool, the light is very nice and cozy, a good replacement for a regular candle or a night light

Lucienne Kemmer

Nice looking lamp for desk, classic desgin! Good quality for the price!

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