Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity Mirror With LED Light Anti-Fog

$650 $2,500


The Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity Mirror with LED Light and Anti-Fog features a combination of functionality and modern aesthetics, making it an excellent addition to your bathroom. Crafted from durable aluminum and designed with a round mirror shape, this vanity mirror not only provides a clear reflection but also adds a touch of contemporary elegance to your bathroom decor. With integrated LED lighting, anti-fog technology, and human body induction, it caters to your grooming needs while enhancing your bathroom experience.


  • Material: Aluminum - This vanity mirror is constructed from high-quality aluminum, ensuring longevity and resistance to corrosion. Aluminum is an ideal choice for bathroom fixtures due to its durability and lightweight properties.

  • Mirror Shape: Round - The round mirror shape offers a stylish and unique design element, providing a distinct focal point in your bathroom.

  • Style: Modern Style - The mirror's modern design embodies clean lines and simplicity, adding a contemporary flair to your bathroom space.

  • Light: Equipped - The mirror comes with integrated LED lighting, ensuring that your reflection is well-lit and clear. This feature is especially useful for precise grooming tasks such as applying makeup or shaving.

  • Lenses Material: Silver - High-quality silver lenses provide excellent reflectivity and clarity, ensuring an accurate and distortion-free reflection.

  • Type: Framed Mirrors - This vanity mirror features a sleek frame that enhances its overall aesthetics and adds a touch of sophistication to your bathroom decor.

  • Frame Material: Metal - The mirror's frame is made from metal, ensuring both durability and a modern look.

  • Anti-fog: Yes - The mirror is equipped with anti-fog technology, preventing it from fogging up even in steamy bathroom conditions. You can maintain a clear reflection at all times.

  • Human Body Induction: Yes - The inclusion of human body induction technology adds a convenient and energy-efficient feature to the mirror. The LED lights can be automatically activated when someone approaches, providing both illumination and energy savings.


Mirror Shape Round
Size  60cm(23.6in) / 70cm(27.6in) / 80cm(31.5in)
Lenses Material silver
Style Modern Style
Anti-fog yes
Frame Material  Metal
Material  Aluminum
Type Framed Mirrors

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