Nordic Art Strip Glass LED Pendant Lights

Emitting Color:

Indulge in the charm of yesteryears with our Nordic Art Strip Glass LED Pendant Lights. This captivating Glass Ball Chandelier exudes vintage elegance and adds a touch of nostalgia to any space. With its beautiful shade of champagne gold, this pendant light becomes a statement piece that effortlessly enhances the ambiance of your home.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these pendant lights feature a series of glass globes connected in a linear arrangement. The unique design creates a mesmerizing visual display, as the light glows through the glass, casting a soft and warm illumination that transforms your space into a haven of tranquility.


Glass Ball Design: The pendant lights feature a stunning glass ball design. The glass globes are connected in a line, creating a visually striking showpiece that catches the eye. The shade of champagne gold adds a delightful vintage feel to your home.

Adjustable Height: These pendant lights come with an adjustable height feature, allowing you to customize the hanging length according to your preference and the height of your ceiling. This flexibility ensures optimal placement and lighting effects.

Versatile Placement: The lights are suitable for versatile placement options. Whether you want to hang them over a dining table, in a living room, or as an accent piece in any room, these pendant lights can complement various settings and add a touch of elegance.

Premium Quality Material: These lights are made with premium quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. The glass globes and metal frame are crafted with precision and attention to detail, making them a reliable and stylish choice.

Matches Perfectly with Any Decor: The pendant lights feature a versatile design that can seamlessly blend with various interior styles. Whether your decor is modern, minimalist, or traditional, these lights will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space.

Easy Installation: Installing these pendant lights is hassle-free. With the cord pendant installation type, you can easily set up the lights without the need for extensive electrical work or professional assistance.

Long-lasting Performance: The LED bulbs used in these pendant lights offer long-lasting performance. LED technology is known for its energy efficiency and extended lifespan, providing you with reliable and energy-saving lighting for an extended period.

Eye Protection: The pendant lights are equipped with LED bulbs, which emit a soft and gentle light that is easy on the eyes. This ensures a comfortable and pleasant lighting experience without causing any strain or discomfort.


Voltage: 90-260V
Switch Type:  Knob switch, Remote Control,
Number of light sources: 6 or 8 
Lighting Area: 10-15square meters
Lampshade Color: Gold or Black
Light Source: LED Bulbs Smoky Grey
Item Type: Pendant Lights
Installation Type: Cord Pendant




wall lamp


Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Ariel Mills

Chandelier Super! Och beautiful and stylish! Everything came in a whole in a good package. It's a pity that there are no additional shades (just in case).

Chyna Douglas


Ansley Schuppe

Beautiful, but hangs off axis (when you look at the lamp from the side, the entire lamp isn't balanced well, and hangs with 10 degree incline). I think to incorporate fishing weight to make the higher side heavier. Everything arrived in-tact, nyra included an extra lightbulb. Functioning as expected.

Enos Goyette

Beautriful with good packaging

Ashlynn Connelly

Very nice and conforms to the description

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