The Royal Khatoon Chandelier

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This Glorious Crystal Chandelier for Living Rooms or hallways is a captivating lighting fixture that brings elegance and sophistication to your living space. Its combination of a round shape, black finish, and sparkling crystal accents creates a stunning visual impact, making it a focal point and adding a touch of glamour to your living room decor.


  • Round Design: The chandelier features a round shape that adds a sense of harmony and balance to your living room. The clean lines and symmetrical arrangement create a visually pleasing aesthetic that complements various interior styles.
  • Gold Finish: The chandelier is finished in a sleek Gold color, adding a modern and stylish touch to your living room. The black finish enhances the dramatic effect and creates a striking contrast against the sparkling crystal accents.
  • Crystal Accents: Adorned with high-quality crystal accents, this chandelier reflects and refracts light, producing a dazzling display of shimmering reflections. The crystals enhance the overall elegance and opulence of the chandelier, creating a luxurious ambiance in your living room.
  • Adjustable Height: The chandelier comes with an adjustable chain or rod, allowing you to customize the hanging height to suit your living room's ceiling height and spatial requirements. This feature ensures proper placement and balance, enhancing the chandelier's visual impact.
  • LED Lighting: Equipped with energy-efficient LED lights, the chandelier provides bright and even illumination while consuming minimal energy. LED technology ensures longevity and reduces the need for frequent bulb replacements, making it a cost-effective and eco-friendly lighting solution.
  • Dimmable Functionality: Some models of this chandelier offer dimmable functionality, allowing you to adjust the brightness levels to create the desired ambiance in your living room. Whether you prefer a soft and cozy atmosphere or a more vibrant and lively setting, the dimming feature provides versatile lighting options.
  • Easy Installation: The chandelier is designed for easy installation, with clear instructions and all necessary hardware included. You can quickly and effortlessly install this stunning chandelier in your living room, elevating its aesthetic appeal with minimal effort.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted with high-quality materials, the chandelier is built to last. The sturdy frame and crystal accents are designed to withstand the test of time, maintaining their beauty and shine for years to come.

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Light Source: LED Bulbs
Item Type: Chandelier
Shade Type Crystal
Shade Direction Up & Down
Material Stainless Steel

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