The Duplex Pendant Chandelier

$1,200 $5,600

The modern LED chandelier designed for duplex buildings, living rooms, halls, and villas is a stunning lighting fixture that exudes contemporary elegance and sophistication. This chandelier features a sleek and stylish design that complements the architectural aesthetics of duplex buildings and the spaciousness of living rooms, halls, and villas. With its cutting-edge LED technology, it provides efficient and long-lasting illumination while adding a touch of luxury to your space. This chandelier serves as a focal point, elevating the overall ambiance and enhancing the visual appeal of your home.


  • Contemporary design: The modern LED chandelier showcases a contemporary design with clean lines and a sleek profile, creating a visually striking centerpiece that complements the modern aesthetics of duplex buildings, living rooms, halls, and villas.
  • Efficient LED lighting: Equipped with energy-efficient LED lights, the chandelier offers bright and uniform illumination while minimizing energy consumption, resulting in cost savings and environmental benefits.
  • Adjustable height: Depending on the model, the chandelier may feature an adjustable hanging height, allowing you to customize the positioning to suit the ceiling height and design preferences of your space.
  • Multiple light levels: Some models may offer adjustable light levels or dimming options, enabling you to create different moods and atmospheres, from bright and functional to soft and intimate.
  • High-quality materials: Crafted with premium materials, the chandelier ensures durability and longevity, maintaining its sleek appearance over time.
  • Spacious coverage: The chandelier provides ample lighting coverage, illuminating large living rooms, halls, and villas with an even distribution of light, ensuring a well-lit and inviting environment.
  • Statement piece: With its contemporary design and impressive size, the chandelier serves as a captivating statement piece, adding a touch of grandeur and sophistication to your space.
  • Versatile application: Suitable for various settings, including duplex buildings, living rooms, halls, and villas, this chandelier seamlessly integrates into different interior styles, from modern and minimalist to luxurious and eclectic.
  • Easy maintenance: The chandelier requires minimal maintenance, typically needing only occasional dusting or wiping with a soft cloth to keep it clean and maintain its elegant appearance.
  • Professional installation: Due to its size and complexity, professional installation is recommended to ensure proper mounting and electrical connections, ensuring safety and optimal performance.


Voltage 220V
Material Metal
Style Modern Style
Power Source AC
Light Source LED Bulbs
Switch Type Remote Control
Is Dimmable No
Item Type Chandeliers


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