Nexus Chandelier gold ceiling pendant

$350 $750

The modern fashion black gold white long LED chandelier is a striking lighting fixture that combines contemporary design with an elegant color scheme. This chandelier features a sleek and elongated shape, adding a touch of sophistication and style to any room. With its combination of black, gold, and white finishes, it offers a modern and fashionable aesthetic that complements a variety of interior decor themes. Equipped with energy-efficient LED lights, this chandelier not only enhances the ambiance of your space but also provides long-lasting illumination.


  • Sleek and modern design: The chandelier boasts a sleek and elongated shape, creating a visually captivating centerpiece that adds a modern and fashionable touch to your room.
  • Black, gold, and white finishes: The combination of black, gold, and white finishes lends an air of elegance and sophistication, effortlessly blending with a range of interior decor styles.
  • Energy-efficient LED lights: The chandelier features built-in LED lights that offer bright illumination while consuming minimal energy. This ensures long-lasting performance and reduces energy costs.
  • Adjustable hanging height: Depending on the model, the chandelier may include an adjustable chain or rod, allowing you to customize the hanging height according to your room's dimensions and ceiling height.
  • Dimmable functionality: Some models may offer dimmable capabilities, providing you with the flexibility to adjust the light intensity to create different moods or match the desired ambiance.
  • High-quality construction: Crafted with premium materials, the chandelier is built to last, ensuring durability and longevity in its performance and appearance.
  • Versatile placement: The chandelier is suitable for various rooms, such as dining rooms, living rooms, entryways, or even bedrooms, adding a touch of modern elegance to any space.
  • Statement piece: With its sleek and distinctive design, the chandelier serves as a stunning statement piece, instantly elevating the overall decor and becoming a focal point of the room.
  • Easy maintenance: The chandelier requires minimal maintenance, typically needing only occasional cleaning with a soft cloth to remove dust or smudges and maintain its sleek appearance.
  • Ideal for contemporary decor: The modern fashion black gold white long LED chandelier is a perfect choice for those seeking to enhance their contemporary interior decor with a stylish and eye-catching lighting fixture.




Voltage AC220V /110V/90-260V
Material Metal
Style Modern Style
Technics Painted
Power Source AC
Power 41W-50W
Shade Direction Down
Light Source LED Bulbs
Switch Type Push Button Switch
Item Type Chandeliers



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