Modern Design Porcelain Leaves Pendant Lights

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Emitting Color:

Upgrade your interior decor with these unique and artfully styled pendant lights that promise to captivate and inspire. Don't miss the opportunity to add a touch of nature's grace to your home. Choose the installation location that best suits your needs and witness the magic unfold.

Experience the harmony of nature and modern design with our Modern Design Porcelain Leaves Pendant Lights. Transform your space and bask in the elegance they bring!  Here's why our pendant lights stand out:

Nature-Inspired Tranquility: Crafted with translucent porcelain leaves, our pendant lights appear to float in the air, radiating extraordinary warmth and tranquility. Each leaf is meticulously positioned to capture and reflect light, infusing your space with soulful ambiance.

Adjustable Length: Enjoy the flexibility of adjusting the length of these pendant lights to suit your preferences and spatial requirements. Whether you want them close to the ceiling or suspended lower for a dramatic effect, our pendant lights offer versatile placement options.

Versatile Placement: Designed to complement various decor styles, our pendant lights blend seamlessly with modern and elegant home accessories. They make for an impressive chandelier that gives the appearance of a more expensive device.

Quick and Easy Installation: Installing our pendant lights is a breeze. With simple wiring and secure wall-mounting using screws, you can have these lights gracefully adorning your living room, restaurant, bedroom, or foyer in no time.

Long-Lasting Performance: Made from high-quality iron and porcelain, these pendant lights boast durability, good vibration resistance, and a perfect color that retains its allure over time. Expect lasting performance, bringing you enjoyment for years to come.

Soft LED Light: Enjoy a soft, soothing LED illumination that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in your living spaces. The gentle glow from the porcelain leaves adds to the ambiance of your home, making it more inviting and comfortable.

Energy Saving: Embrace eco-friendly lighting with our energy-efficient pendant lights. Not only do they offer a soft LED glow, but they also help you save on energy consumption, making them an environmentally conscious choice.


Voltage: 90-260V
Lighting Area: 10-15square meters
Size: 150*40
Lampshade Color: White
Light Source: LED Bulbs
Material: Ceramic
Installation Type: Cord Pendant
Item Type: Pendant Lights




Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

Very good packaging, the buyer gave me an extra leaves, we are very happy


This is a beautifully designed lamp and I really like the light it emits on my kitchen island. I have received countless compliments. I like it. Installing, opening, and attaching each glass piece to the fixture will definitely take time, but it is very worthwhile.


The chandelier is very beautiful, even better than the picture, full of delight. The petals are ceramic, graceful, light shines through beautifully through them, the chandelier looks light, airy and dynamic. The quality is very good, assembled without problems, the length of the suspensions is easy to adjust. The color of the reinforcement is gold-gold, I was upset at first, but in vain, it looks very beautiful. Bulbs Included, shine very brightly. I chose a variable light-this is a separate delight, the light bulbs can shine warm, cold or daylight, I did not even know that this is possible! Delivery by courier, all in one piece, thanks to the seller for the careful packaging. The only 5 petals were not enough, but this is not noticeable, and the seller promised to send, we will check))). We do not have such chandeliers, I found them in Moscow, but 2 times more expensive and without light bulbs. I definitely recommend the chandelier and the wonderful seller and his store.


It is made of ceramic leaves, we like it very much, just arrived in Moscow in just 25 days


Came my chandelier to Kazan in 2,5 weeks. The chandelier is super, all the leaves are made of ceramics well. One piece of paper was broken, but we glued it and now the chipped is not even visible. Such a chandelier in the store costs 60 tons. Thanks seller :)

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