Imperial Crystal Chandelier

$3,200 $10,600
Number of lights:

Bring Elegance Home with the Imperial Crystal Chandelier!

This chandelier boasts sixteen glass arms adorned with intricate hand-cut bowls. The mesmerizing play of light is achieved through the reflection of cut crystal trimmings, casting a stunning spectrum of colors that transforms any room into a radiant spectacle.

Designed for larger rooms with high ceilings, the Imperial Crystal Chandelier stands as a beacon of luxurious luminosity. Choose between the regal gold or silver version to seamlessly integrate into your interior decor. Maintaining its brilliance is effortless; a simple annual spray with a specialized cleaning solution ensures a lifetime of luminous allure. With low energy consumption and exceptional durability, this chandelier not only impresses but endures.

Key Features:

  • Bohemian crystal and brass construction for enduring elegance.
  • Sixteen glass arms adorned with luxurious hand-cut bowls.
  • Reflective cut crystal trimmings refract a dazzling spectrum of colors.
  • Effortless maintenance – a quick annual spray keeps it pristine.
  • Available in both gold and silver options to complement any decor.


Shiny Gold / Matte Gold / Matte Brushed Gold / Brushed Gold / Antique Gold

Shiny Silver / Matte Silver / Matte Brushed Silver / Brushed Silver / Antique Silver

Size: 8 lights:  62 x H 52 cm, 8 kg 

12 Lights 76 x H 78 cm 

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