Anti-fog Bathroom LED Light Makeup Mirror

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The Anti-fog Bathroom LED Light Makeup Mirror is a sophisticated addition to any modern bathroom. Crafted from durable cast iron and featuring a sleek, frameless design, this mirror not only serves as a practical grooming tool but also adds a touch of contemporary elegance to your bathroom decor. With its anti-fog technology and integrated LED lighting, this mirror is designed to provide a clear and well-lit reflection even in steamy bathroom conditions, making it the perfect companion for your daily grooming routine.


  • Material: Cast Iron - The mirror is constructed from high-quality cast iron, ensuring durability and longevity. This robust material is resistant to wear and tear, making it ideal for use in the bathroom environment.

  • Mirror Shape: Rectangle - The rectangular shape of the mirror offers a classic and versatile design that complements various bathroom styles.

  • Style: Modern Style - The mirror's sleek and minimalist design embodies modern aesthetics, adding a touch of contemporary sophistication to your bathroom.

  • Light: Equipped - The mirror comes with integrated LED lighting, providing ample illumination for your grooming needs. This feature ensures that you have a well-lit and clear reflection, making it easier to apply makeup or complete your daily grooming routine.

  • Lenses Material: Silver - The mirror features high-quality silver lenses, which offer excellent reflectivity and clarity for an accurate reflection.

  • Type: Frameless Mirrors - The frameless design of the mirror creates a seamless and elegant look. It also makes cleaning and maintenance easier, as there are no crevices for dust and grime to accumulate.

  • Frame Material: Metal - The mirror's frame is made from metal, which not only adds a touch of sophistication but also enhances its durability.

  • Anti-fog: Yes - One of the standout features of this mirror is its anti-fog technology. It prevents the mirror from fogging up, ensuring that you have a clear reflection even in a steamy bathroom after a hot shower.


Mirror Shape Rectangle
Size 45X75CM/45X80CM
Style Modern Style
Lenses Material  silver
Anti-fog yes
Frame Material Metal
Material Cast Iron
Item Type: Frameless Mirrors

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