Retro Garden LED Portable Light


Introducing our unique outdoor lantern lights that add a playful twist to the traditional lantern design. Instead of being hung from a wall, these lights are meant to be set on your patio, pathway, or lawn, creating a captivating display. With a minimalistic design, they exude simple and understated elegance.
Each lantern features a sturdy base from which four metal pieces ascend in each corner. These metal pieces reach the top of the lamp, culminating in a metal hook that adds a charming touch. The combination of retro aesthetics and minimalism creates an engaging visual appeal that you will grow to love as you incorporate these outdoor lights into your living space.
Illuminate your outdoor area with the intriguing and enchanting ambiance created by these outdoor lantern lights. Their unique design and captivating charm will enhance the beauty of your outdoor space, providing both functional lighting and a visually appealing focal point.


  • Unique and Playful Design: These outdoor lantern lights offer a playful twist on the traditional lantern design. Their unconventional placement on patios, pathways, or lawns adds a touch of intrigue and creativity to your outdoor space.

  • Versatile Placement Options: Unlike traditional lanterns that are typically hung on walls, these lights are designed to be set on surfaces like patios, pathways, or lawns. This versatile placement allows you to customize and experiment with different arrangements to suit your outdoor area.

  • Minimalistic and Sturdy Construction: The lantern lights feature a minimalistic design with a sturdy base and four metal pieces ascending from each corner. This combination of simplicity and durability ensures their long-lasting performance in outdoor environments.

  • Retro-Meets-Minimalism Aesthetics: The engaging combination of retro and minimalistic design elements makes these lantern lights visually captivating. They blend the nostalgia of classic lanterns with modern minimalism, creating a unique and stylish addition to your outdoor decor.

  • Eye-Catching Metal Hook: Each lantern light is crowned with a metal hook, adding an eye-catching detail and enhancing their overall aesthetic appeal. This metal hook serves as both a functional element and a decorative accent, further elevating the charm of these outdoor lights.

  • Enhances Outdoor Ambiance: By lighting up your outdoor space, these lantern lights create an intriguing and enchanting ambiance. Whether used for illuminating pathways, highlighting key areas, or adding a decorative touch, they enhance the beauty and atmosphere of your outdoor area.


Fixture Color: White , Black
Fixture Material: Stainless Steel
Shade Material: PMMA
Light Sources: LED
Wattage: 5W
Illumination Area: 5 sq.m. - 10 sq.m
Voltage: 100V-240V
Integrated LED: Yes
Ingress Protection: IP54
Color Temperature: 3200K (Warm White)

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