Charzetta Crystal Black Chandelier

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The Luxury Charzetta Decoration Crystal Chandelier is a stunning and sophisticated lighting fixture that brings an aura of opulence and grandeur to any home. With its exquisite design and sparkling crystal accents, this chandelier serves as a focal point, elevating the overall aesthetic of your living space.


  • Crystal Accents: The chandelier is adorned with high-quality crystal accents that create a mesmerizing display of light and reflections. The crystals catch and refract the light, casting a dazzling sparkle and adding a touch of luxury to your home decor.
  • Luxurious Design: This chandelier boasts a luxurious design that exudes elegance and sophistication. From the intricately crafted frame to the cascading crystal elements, every detail is meticulously crafted to create a visually captivating centerpiece.
  • High-Quality Materials: Crafted with premium materials, the chandelier ensures durability and longevity. The robust metal frame and the finest crystal accents are designed to withstand the test of time, maintaining their brilliance and allure for years to come.
  • Warm and Glowing Light: When illuminated, the chandelier emits a warm and radiant glow, creating a welcoming and luxurious ambiance in your home. The combination of crystal accents and soft lighting adds a touch of glamour and transforms your space into a haven of comfort.
  • Adjustable Height: The chandelier comes with an adjustable chain or rod, allowing you to customize the hanging height to suit your ceiling height and room proportions. This feature ensures the perfect placement and balance, enhancing the chandelier's visual impact.
  • Easy Installation: The chandelier is designed for easy installation, with clear instructions and all necessary hardware included. With minimal effort, you can showcase this exquisite lighting fixture in your home and bask in its captivating beauty.
  • Versatile Application: This chandelier is versatile and can be installed in various rooms, such as dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, or even entryways. Its timeless design and radiant crystal accents complement a wide range of interior styles, adding a touch of luxury to any space.
  • Size Options: The chandelier is available in different size options, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your room's dimensions and aesthetic preferences. Whether you desire a grand statement piece or a more modest chandelier, there is a size option to meet your specific needs.

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Light Source:  LED Bulbs E14 Included
Item Type: Chandelier
Color Gold, Black
Body Material Metal


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Alize Abernathy

Charzetta Crystal Black Chandelier

Bryon Bednar

This crystal lamp is very elegant and high-end atmosphere, the effect of the lamp is also very beautiful, love this one.

Cordia Hirthe

Crystal lamp is very beautiful, simple and light luxury, like this style, with my living room very match

Lonnie Konopelski

The seller is great! Thanks.

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