Ava Square Crystal Drop Chandelier

Light Shade:

The crystal chandeliers for living and dining rooms are exquisite lighting fixtures that bring a touch of glamour and elegance to your home. These chandeliers are designed with sparkling crystal accents, which create a dazzling display of light and reflections, adding a luxurious and opulent atmosphere to your living and dining areas. With their timeless beauty and stunning craftsmanship, crystal chandeliers become the centerpiece of the room, making a bold statement and enhancing the overall aesthetics of your space.


  • Stunning crystal accents: The chandeliers are adorned with high-quality crystal elements that refract and reflect light, creating a mesmerizing sparkle and adding a sense of luxury to your living and dining rooms.
  • Elegant and timeless design: The chandeliers feature a classic and sophisticated design that transcends trends, making them a timeless addition to your home decor.
  • Ample lighting: The chandeliers provide abundant illumination, brightening up your living and dining spaces and ensuring a well-lit environment for various activities, such as entertaining guests or enjoying meals.
  • Adjustable chain or rod: Depending on the model, the chandeliers may include an adjustable chain or rod, allowing you to customize the hanging height to suit your room's dimensions and ceiling height.
  • Multiple bulb options: Crystal chandeliers offer different bulb options, such as incandescent, LED, or halogen bulbs, providing flexibility in choosing the desired level of brightness and energy efficiency.
  • Dimmable capabilities: Some models may feature dimmable functionality, enabling you to adjust the light intensity and create the perfect ambiance for different occasions or moods.
  • Durable construction: Crafted with high-quality materials, including sturdy metal frames and durable crystals, these chandeliers are built to last, ensuring long-term enjoyment and value.
  • Statement centerpiece: The chandeliers serve as a striking focal point in your living and dining rooms, enhancing the overall decor and making a bold statement with their captivating beauty.
  • Versatile style: Crystal chandeliers come in various designs, from traditional and ornate to modern and sleek, allowing you to choose a style that best complements your interior decor and personal taste.

  • Easy maintenance: While the crystals require occasional cleaning to maintain their brilliance, the chandeliers are generally easy to maintain, requiring a gentle wipe with a soft cloth to remove dust or fingerprints.




Voltage 110-240V
Material Metal
Style Modern Style
Hanging Wire 200CM, adjustable
Power Source AC
Light Source LED Bulbs
Is Dimmable No
Shade Direction Down
Shade Type Crystal
Item Type Chandeliers

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