Smart LED Light Anti-fog Makeup Mirror

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Elevate your daily grooming and makeup routine with the Smart LED Light Anti-fog Makeup Mirror. Crafted with precision and designed for both style and functionality, this mirror is an essential addition to any contemporary living space. Its oval shape and frameless design lend a touch of modern sophistication, while the inclusion of cutting-edge features like built-in LED lighting and anti-fog technology ensures a seamless beauty experience.


  • Material: The mirror's frame is constructed from robust cast iron, ensuring both durability and a sleek, minimalist aesthetic.

  • Oval Mirror Shape : The oval shape of the mirror adds a sense of elegance and uniqueness to your space, making it a standout piece in any room.

  • Modern Style : This mirror embodies a modern design, blending seamlessly with various interior styles, from contemporary to industrial.

  • Equipped with LED Lighting : The mirror comes with integrated LED lights that mimic natural daylight, providing optimal illumination for your makeup and grooming tasks. Say goodbye to uneven or inadequate lighting that can affect your results.

  • Silver Lenses Material : Crafted with high-quality silver lenses, this mirror offers a crystal-clear reflection without distortion, ensuring you achieve flawless results.

  • Frameless Mirrors : The frameless design not only enhances the mirror's contemporary appearance but also makes it easy to clean and maintain.

  • Metal Frame Material : The metal frame adds a durable and industrial touch to the mirror's aesthetics, ensuring it stands up to everyday use.

  • Anti-fog Functionality : Thanks to its anti-fog feature, you'll never have to deal with a foggy mirror, even in humid environments. Enjoy a consistently clear view during your morning routine.


Mirror Shape Oval
Size 50X70CM/60X80CM/70X90C
Lenses Material silver
Style Modern Style
Frame Material Metal
Anti-fog yes
Material Cast Iron
Item Type: Frameless Mirrors

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