Wooden Lift Top Round Stainless steel Nordic Marble Coffee Table


Nesting Marble Tables Wooden Lift Top Round Stainless Steel Nordic Marble Modern Coffee Tables

The "Nesting Marble Tables Wooden Lift Top Round Stainless Steel Nordic Marble Modern Coffee Tables" is a set of coffee tables designed to add modern style and functionality to various living spaces. 

Why you'll love it:

  • Adjustable (Height) and Extendable

    : These coffee tables come with an adjustable feature, allowing you to modify the table's height to suit your preferences. The extendable design offers additional versatility in how you use and configure the tables.

  • Material - Metal: The main construction material for these coffee tables is metal, specifically stainless steel. This choice of material offers durability and a sleek, contemporary appearance.

  • Design Style - Modern: The design style is modern, which aligns with contemporary interior aesthetics and trends.

  • Specific Use - Coffee Table: These tables are specifically designed for use as coffee tables, providing a surface for beverages, reading materials, and other items commonly found in a living room.

  • General Use - Home Furniture: In addition to their use as coffee tables, these pieces also serve as general home furniture, contributing to the overall decor and functionality of the living space.

  • Folded - No: These coffee tables do not have a folding feature, maintaining their structural integrity.

  • Usage - Living Furniture Modern Coffee Table: These tables are designed to be a key element in living room furniture, providing a modern and stylish coffee table that enhances the living space.

  • Style - Modern Stylish: The tables are characterized by a modern and stylish design, making them a fashionable and elegant addition to your home.

  • Main Material - Marble + Stainless Steel + MDF: The tables are constructed using a combination of materials, including marble for the tabletop, stainless steel for the frame, and MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) for additional structural elements.

  • Table Top - Marble Top: The tabletop is made of marble, which adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to the tables' overall design.

  • Shape - Round Shape: The tables feature a round shape, which is both visually appealing and practical for various room layouts.

Specification Details
Material Metal (Stainless Steel)
Application Home Office, Living Room, Hotel, Apartment
Design Style Modern
Specific Use Coffee Table
General Use Home Furniture
Folded No
Usage Living Furniture Modern Coffee Table
Style Modern Stylish
Main Material Marble + Stainless Steel + MDF
Table Top Marble Top
Packing Carton
Shape Round Shape
Application Living Room

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