Wasim Linear Pole Chandelier


The modern LED long pendant lights are exquisite lighting fixtures that combine contemporary design with functionality. These pendant lights feature a linear shape and are designed to be suspended from the ceiling, adding a touch of elegance and style to any room. With their sleek and modern appearance, they complement a wide range of interior decor styles and serve as eye-catching focal points in your space. Equipped with energy-efficient LED technology, these pendant lights provide ample illumination while conserving energy.


  • Linear and modern design: The long pendant lights boast a sleek and linear design, creating a visually captivating centerpiece that adds a modern and sophisticated touch to your room.
  • Adjustable hanging length: Depending on the model, the pendant lights may offer adjustable hanging length options, allowing you to customize the positioning to suit your ceiling height and desired aesthetic.
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting: The pendant lights feature built-in LED lights that offer bright and efficient illumination while consuming minimal energy. This helps reduce energy costs and environmental impact.
  • Versatile placement: These pendant lights are suitable for a variety of rooms, including dining rooms, kitchens, living rooms, or entryways. They can be installed individually or in clusters to create a stunning lighting arrangement.
  • High-quality materials: Crafted with premium materials, the pendant lights ensure durability and longevity. They are built to withstand daily use and maintain their sleek appearance over time.
  • Dimmable functionality: Some models may offer dimmable capabilities, allowing you to adjust the light intensity and create different moods or match the desired ambiance.
  • Uniform and diffuse lighting: The pendant lights provide uniform and diffuse lighting, illuminating the entire space with a soft and pleasant glow. This creates a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.
  • Easy installation: The pendant lights come with user-friendly installation instructions and necessary hardware, making the setup process convenient and hassle-free.
  • Low maintenance: These pendant lights require minimal maintenance, typically needing only occasional dusting or wiping with a soft cloth to keep them clean and in optimal condition.
  • Enhances room decor: The modern LED long pendant lights serve as statement pieces that enhance the overall decor of your room. Their sleek and elegant design adds a touch of contemporary style and sophistication.


Voltage 90-260V
Material Metal
Style Modern Style
Place Master Bedroom
Power Source AC
Light Source LED Bulbs
Switch Type Remote Control
Item Type Pendant Lights
Material Aluminum
Is Dimmable Yes
Lampshade Black/Gold/White


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