Intelligent Rainproof Durable Light For the Garden

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Introducing our intelligent light sensing solar outdoor lanterns, designed to harness solar energy and convert it into electricity automatically during the day. Equipped with a built-in light control probe, these lanterns will intuitively turn on or off based on the ambient brightness.

Featuring an intelligent charging and discharging mode, these solar garden lights require approximately 4 to 6 hours of exposure to sufficient sunlight for a full charge. Once charged, they can provide continuous illumination throughout the night.

Designed with versatility in mind, this waterproof outdoor light comes with a convenient portable handle. This handle not only facilitates easy movement of the light but also allows you to hang it effortlessly on a tree branch or in front of a window sill, expanding its placement options.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of our intelligent light sensing solar outdoor lanterns, providing sustainable lighting solutions while enhancing the ambiance of your outdoor spaces.


  • Solar-Powered: These lanterns automatically harness solar energy during the day, converting it into electricity to power the light. This eco-friendly feature eliminates the need for traditional power sources and reduces energy consumption.

  • Light Control Probe: The built-in light control probe ensures that the lanterns turn on or off automatically based on the surrounding brightness. This intelligent feature saves energy and enhances convenience by eliminating the need for manual operation.

  • Intelligent Charging and Discharging: The lanterns feature an intelligent charging and discharging mode. With approximately 4 to 6 hours of exposure to sufficient sunlight, they can fully charge and provide illumination throughout the night, ensuring continuous and reliable lighting.

  • Waterproof Design: These outdoor lanterns are designed to be waterproof, allowing them to withstand various weather conditions. This durability ensures their longevity and functionality, even during rain or other outdoor moisture.

  • Portable Handle: The lanterns come with a portable handle, making it easy to carry and move the light wherever you need it. Additionally, the handle allows for effortless hanging on tree branches or in front of window sills, expanding the lighting options and versatility.

  • Enhanced Ambiance: The warm and inviting illumination of these lanterns enhances the ambiance of your outdoor spaces, creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere for gatherings, relaxation, or any outdoor activities.

  • Energy Efficiency: By utilizing solar power, these lanterns promote energy efficiency and sustainability. They help reduce electricity costs and minimize the carbon footprint associated with traditional lighting methods.


Product Name: Intelligent Rainproof Durable Light For the Garden
Style: Modern, Industrial
Lamp Color: Black
Material: PP / Plastic, Glass
Light Source: LED
Solar Panel: Amorphous Silicon Solar Panel
Battery: AA 300mah 1.2V / AAA 600mah 1.2V / AAA 600mah 1.2V
Applicable Scene: Villa, Garden, Aisle





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