Artpad Bubbles LED Modern Pendant Chandelier

$1,200 $5,400

 The Artpad Bubbles LED Modern Pendant Chandelier is not just a lighting fixture; it's a sculptural masterpiece that combines aesthetics with functionality. Its ability to absorb sound makes it an excellent choice for spaces where noise control is essential, such as restaurants, bars, and workspaces. Whether you opt for the standard version or a customized design, this cord pendant chandelier will elevate the ambiance of any room, creating a truly remarkable lighting experience.

Creative Bubble Design: The Artpad Bubbles LED Modern Pendant Chandelier boasts a creative and captivating bubble design that adds a touch of artistic elegance to any space. The interplay of light, reflection, and shadow creates a visually stunning effect, enhancing the ambiance of your room.

Adjustable Length: With its adjustable length feature, this pendant chandelier can be customized to suit various ceiling heights and room sizes. Whether you have high or low ceilings, you can easily adjust the length to achieve the perfect hanging position.

Versatile Placement: This chandelier is perfect for versatile placement, making it suitable for various settings in your home. Hang it gracefully in the living room, dining area, bedroom, or even in the entryway to make a striking first impression.

Perfect for Home Decor: Elevate your home decor with the Artpad Bubbles Chandelier, as its sculptural and modern design seamlessly integrates with different interior styles. It effortlessly becomes the focal point of any room, enhancing the overall aesthetics.

Easy to Match: The chandelier's sleek and minimalist design allows for easy matching with your existing furniture and decor. It complements both contemporary and traditional styles, adding a touch of sophistication to any space.

Easy Installation: Installing the Artpad Bubbles LED Chandelier is a hassle-free process. It comes with a metal stand painted in black, ensuring stability and durability. The user-friendly design simplifies the installation steps for a seamless setup.

Long-lasting Performance: Crafted with high-quality materials, this pendant chandelier is built to last. The combination of 4 light globes and 6 spherical absorbers not only enhances its visual appeal but also contributes to its longevity.

Soft LED Light: Experience a beautiful, uniform glow with the soft LED light featured in this chandelier. The gentle illumination creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, ideal for cozy evenings or intimate gatherings.

Energy Saving: The Artpad Bubbles Chandelier is energy-efficient, helping you save on electricity bills while being environmentally friendly. The LED lights consume less energy without compromising on brightness or quality.

Low Maintenance: Thanks to its durable construction and energy-efficient LED lights, this pendant chandelier requires minimal maintenance. Enjoy its captivating beauty without worrying about frequent replacements or repairs.


Voltage: 220V
Item Type: Pendant Lights
Installation Type: Cord Pendant
Light Source: LED Bulbs
Lampshade Color: White, Black,Pink, champagne
Lighting Area: 15-30square meters
Material: Glass Stone
Number of light sources: 4
Lampshade Size: Diameter 12cm/4.72in


Specification of Dining room chandelier lighting:

Material:PVC Flannel ball Lampahde+ Iron Lamp Fixture

Bulb socket:G9*4PCS(White Bulb is included for free for gife );

Voltage:AC90-260V can be used in any country

Application:suit for bedroom,dining room,living room,restaurant,cloth shop,Caffee indoor hanging chandelier lighting

Lampshade Quantity : 12pcs for A type,10pcs for B type;

Pendant Wire : 150cm djustable



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