Vine Wall LED Lights

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Transform your home with this Enchanting Willow Vine.

Renew the warmth and love of your home with the delicate tranquillity of nature. Convert your space and create a home that oozes comfort and spreads feelings of joy and happiness.

Create a heart warming glow

The Enchanting Willow Vine casts a soothing ambient light that is perfect for creating a relaxing space. Handcrafted to perfection, this Enchanting Willow Vine will add a touch of zen to any room.



How long is The Enchanting Willow Vine?

The Enchanting Willow Vine is 230cm (2.3m) in length with 144 LED bulbs and is powered by a universal USB giving it a tidy appearance. 

How do I power The Enchanting Willow Vine?

The Enchanting Willow Vine is powered by a universal USB. We also include a UK wall plug.

 How many vines will I need to create the decor look around the bed?

You will need to purchase 2 x Enchanting Willow Vines for this look

How do I secure The Enchanting Willow Vine to the wall?

The Enchanting Willow Vine can be secured to the wall using double sided sticky command pads, hooks or tape. The willow vine will arrive in a cylindrical shape, simply unravel the vine carefully, plan out where you would like to use it and secure it in place using the sticky pads or other hooks/tape if you would prefer that can be found in your local supermarket or supply shop.

What comes in the package?

1 x 2.3m Enchanting Willow Vine with USB, 1x UK wall plug

Why do you not send sticky pads to attach to the wall?

Sticky wall pads are to be chosen at your own risk. We recommend heavy duty Command Strips or Hooks that do not damage walls and we suggest using painters masking tape to plan out your design before attaching to the wall fully. We do not take responsibility for any wall damage. 

Can I nail, drill or staple The Enchanting Willow Vine to the wall?

No, please do not use these methods for wall application. If the electrical cord is damaged the lights will not work and can cause danger or an electrical fire.

Is The Enchanting Willow Vine suitable to be used outdoors?

No, please use indoors in the dry.

Do the LED lights on The Enchanting Willow Vine burn or discolour the wall in any way?

No, LED lights are not likely to burn or discolour the wall in any way. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Thad Schmeler

Very atmospheric, Such gorgeous lights completely made my home a happy space!

Marjolaine Stroman

They look absolutely stunning on my wall realy finishes my room off 😍

Luisa Gusikowski

slightly long delivery but totally worth it

Kyla Haley

Bought to add some light to my hallway but so pretty I used it in my living room. Almost like being able to legitimately have a Christmas tree up all year 😁

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