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10 Wabi Sabi Pendant Lights Over Kitchen Island: Balancing Style and Function

10 Wabi Sabi Pendant Lights Over Kitchen Island: Balancing Style and Function

When it comes to styling your kitchen, there are limitless options to choose from. However, while minimalist industrialism has taken over the interior design world, no style comes close to the incomparable Wabi Sabi. Originating from traditional Japanese tea ceremonies in the sixteenth century and further popularised by the tea master Sen no Rikyu, this style embraces all the imperfections from the natural world. It emphasises the use of organic materials and neutral colours. Eventually, the style became a big hit among interior design lovers, which is why we’re sharing some of our favourite Wabi Sabi pendant lights you can use over your kitchen island.

Exquisite Wabi Sabi Pendant Lights

Due to the style’s neutral nature, you can go above and beyond with your ideas and create the ultimate Wabi Sabi kitchen. Lights are undoubtedly the most important aspect to perfectly capture the relaxing atmosphere, so enjoy these fabulous fixtures!

1. Boho Wasabi Chandelier

Boho Wasabi - Chandelier Lights

The moment you cast your eyes on this unique Wabi Sabi pendant light, you’ll undoubtedly fall in love with it! The style allowed us to play with lines and “odd” shapes, resulting in this perfectly imperfect chandelier. Due to its grand size, it will serve as a statement piece above your kitchen islands and don’t even get us started on the warm and soft illumination it provides.

2. Travertine Wabi Pendants

Travertine Wabi Pendants

The Travertine pendants are your go-to choice when you want to include minimal yet captivating Wabi Sabi ceiling lights in your kitchen! Crafted from premium cement and oak, the chandelier is inspired by industrial principles and easily fits into any interior style, including Wabi Sabi. Aside from being subtly beautiful, the Travertine’s functionality is second to none!

3. Hayami Resin LED Pendants

Hayami Resin LED Pendants

Bring Japanese serenity into your home with the neutral and soft Hayami Resin Wabi Sabi pendant lights. The attention to detail that went into these fixtures is what makes them truly stand out. Just by looking at them, you’ll be transported into a trance of tranquillity directly from your kitchen! As a treat for all you DIY enthusiasts out there, we made the installation very easy, adding to the light’s convenience.

4.Nyra Wabi Pendant Lights

NYRA Wabi Pendant Lights

Do you need a grand focal point in your Wabi Sabi kitchen? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! The industrial-inspired Nyra Wabi pendant lights will undoubtedly draw all the attention without being too heavy on the eyes. In addition to its style, these Wabi Sabi pendant lights are made of the finest mix of cement and Resin, ensuring longevity and durability. The lights are also easily adjustable, meaning you will have no trouble achieving proper lighting distribution.

5. Retro Bamboo Pendant

Retro Bamboo Pendant

Take a step back into the past and give your kitchen a unique retro feel with the amazing Bamboo Pendant. Made entirely out of sustainable materials, this Wabi Sabi hanging light is not only friendly to the environment but also provides the cosiest warmth. Its neutrality allows you to place it anywhere you want without overpowering your kitchen’s style. Instead, it will accentuate it and make it even more captivating than before. We especially recommend this light fixture to boho lovers as it effortlessly brings out uniqueness.

6. Thai Bamboo Shell Pendant

Thai Bamboo Shell Pendant

Don’t you just love combing the seashores for all kinds of shells? Although you may rarely find a pearl inside, their shape and unique patterns make you treasure and keep them as mementoes from your extraordinary adventures. Inspired by their nostalgic and captivating appeal, we’ve designed the incredible Thai Bamboo Shell Pendant. These Wabi Sabi pendant lights are made entirely of bamboo and shells and come in various shapes so that you can play around with your designs. They create the ultimate ambient light, ideal for the kitchen where you’ll be making memories with your closest.

7. Birdcage Chandelier

Birdcage Chandelier

Finally, the Birdcage Wabi Sabi hanging lights come with a durable metal base and a wooden cage, offering the perfect blend of traditional and modern. Since the fixture is open all around, the light emits gloriously through the openings, giving you the warmest light for your space. It also comes in three sizes and colours, meaning you can easily choose whatever fits your kitchen best.

Achieve Serenity With Nyra Wabi Sabi Pendant Lights

These are some of the finest Wabi Sabi pendant lights you can find in our catalogue. And if none of these designs have caught your eye, you can find many more on our site. Browse through our collection and create the most tranquil Wabi Sabi kitchen.

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