Wood Water Drop Pendant

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Introduce the Modern Wood Water Drop Pendant Lamp, a captivating fusion of contemporary design and natural aesthetics. Crafted with precision using laser-cut wood, this pendant lamp adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to any space. The intricate patterns and precise detailing in the wooden lampshade create a visually stunning display that is sure to captivate visitors and evoke a sense of wonder.

Whether you're looking to enhance the ambiance of your dining room, create a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom, or add a unique touch to your living space, this pendant lamp is the perfect choice. The warm golden glow emitted by the lampshade illuminates the room with a soft and inviting light, creating a welcoming and comforting environment.


3D Water Drop Design: The pendant lamp features a unique 3D water drop design, adding a touch of elegance and visual interest to your space. This design creates a captivating focal point and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the lamp.

Bring Antique Charm: The lamp exudes an antique charm that adds a timeless appeal to any room. The laser-cut wood construction creates a warm golden glow, providing a cozy and inviting atmosphere reminiscent of vintage lighting fixtures.

Versatile Placement: This pendant lamp is versatile and can be easily placed in different areas of your home. It is suitable for various settings, including cafes, bars, hotels, bedrooms, and dining rooms. Its adaptable design allows you to incorporate it seamlessly into different interior styles.

High-Quality Material: Crafted from high-quality wood, this pendant lamp ensures durability and longevity. The wood material not only adds a natural and organic touch to your space but also contributes to the lamp's overall sturdiness and robustness.

Matches Perfectly with any Decor: The lamp's neutral and warm yellow lampshade color allows it to blend effortlessly with any decor scheme. Whether your interior design is modern, rustic, or eclectic, this pendant lamp will complement and enhance the overall aesthetic of your space.

Easy Installation: The pendant lamp is designed for easy installation. It comes with a ceiling hanger and light holder included, allowing for a hassle-free setup process. Additionally, the lampshade can be adjusted up or down, giving you the flexibility to customize the lighting direction according to your preference.

Long-lasting Performance: The use of LED bulbs ensures long-lasting performance and energy efficiency. LED technology provides a reliable light source with a significantly longer lifespan compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance.

Soft LED Light: The pendant lamp emits a soft and warm LED light that creates a cozy and inviting ambiance in your living space. The gentle illumination adds a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, making it suitable for various activities such as dining, reading, or entertaining guests.

Energy Saving: With LED bulbs, the pendant lamp is energy-efficient, helping you reduce energy consumption and lower your electricity bills. LED technology consumes less power while providing ample illumination, making it an environmentally friendly lighting option.


Voltage: 90-260V
Material: Wood
Lighting Area: 10-15square meters
Light Source: LED Bulbs
Lampshade Color: Yellow
Item Type: Pendant Lights
Installation Type: Cord Pendant
Finish: Wood


Modern Wood Pendant Light E27 Nordic Wooden Water Drop Pendant Lamp Loft Pendant Lights Dining Room Home Lighting Decor



Customer Reviews

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High Quality

The pendant lamp features a unique 3D water drop design, adding a touch of elegance and visual interest to your space. This design creates a captivating focal point and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the lamp. Thanks, nyralondon

great product

Absolutely stunning, really unique for the kitchen, i ordered 4 all came fast with tracking

Great quality and value

Thanks Josh for all the help with my lights at customer service


The natural beauty and ambient light bring a sense of tranquility to my space.


I'm extremely happy with the elegant design and soft glow that enhance my room.

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